Game Capstone - Schrank - Spring 2012
T3 game: Dream Runner!

Dream Runner
video - download - T3 studio website

Hop to the top in T3's multiplayer racing platformer, Dream Runner! Use your parkour skills and whimsical power-ups to overtake your opponents in a mad dash to the peak of the Pirate's Cove!

T3 game studio:
Shervin "Shevy" Hossein - Lead Programmer, Team Lead
Matt Harcourt - Producer, Environment Artist

Brandon McElroy - Level Designer
Mike Sitko - Lead Artist

Paul Brom - Programmer, Designer, Artist
Cameron Sery - Game Mechanics Designer, Level Designer

I'm okay where I am game: Fists of Oog!

Fists of Oog
video - download - "I'm okay where I am" studio website

Move your body in an innovative Kinect god game. Use the Fists of Oog to massacre the barbarian horde before they steal your gold.

"I'm okay where I am" game studio:
Justin Capitan - 2D / 3D Art
Robert Drauden - Sound Design
Brian J Gabor Jr. - Designer, Producer, Website
Kevin Knight - Programming
David Laskey - Programming
Joe Scalzo - Co-Design

Air Five game: Platformer!

video - download - Air Five studio website

You're a plucky protagonist trapped in a digital domain. Armed with a platform gun, you must form your own path through this 2D platformer. Navigate past laser dangers to defeat the mighty Power Paddle.

Air Five game studio:
Josh Campbell - Designer
Bob Juranek - Artist
Ted Molinksi - Programmer
Brian Mushika - Programmer
Marty Trzpit - Programmer
Raymond Tan - Designer


video - download - Glass Half Middle studio website

Suits is a high-octane game that allows players to rob a maximum security casino. Play with a partner to outsmart and avoid the guards and grab the cash, but be careful; the stakes are high.

Glass Half Middle game studio:
Majdi Badri - Producer, Designer
Dominick Malito - Programmer
Greg M’Laducky - Programmer, Designer
Dan Carey - Artist
Brian Von Kuster - Artist, Programmer
Kyle Marks - Designer, Artist, Programmer
Joe Stramaglia - Designer, Artist, Programmer
Micah Weinflash - Sound Design

Ram Cat's game: Fin Fury!

Fin Fury
video - coming to the App Store Winter 2012! - Ram Cat studio website

How long can you survive Fin Fury, a fast-paced mobile game?  Escape from the evil scientist who created you by maneuvering down river, avoiding and destroying obstacles along the way.

Ram Cat game studio:
Craig Cerceo - Programming
Matt Seely - Programming
Scott Peddie - Designer, Producer
Alberto Rodriguez - Designer
Anthony Gale - Artist
Robert Rosochacki - Artist
Theresa Medina - Artist