Game Capstone - Schrank - Spring 2013
Tessallation: Project SnakeWhite

video - download - Tessallation website

Tessallation is a First Person, “Single Player Co-Op,” Puzzle game about a 4th grade girl named Tessa that has the whimsical ability to time travel! Tessallation was performed in front of a live studious audience at DePaul University over the course of 15 give or take weeks.

Press and Awards:

UNITY3D Best Student Game Nominee
KitGuru Gaming Article
Kotaku Article
Rebolts Video Interview TechWeek
IndieStatik Article
PC Gamer Article
Neogaf Forum Indie Games to look out for

Project SnakeWhite
David Bayzer – Programmer, Artist, Designer
Sean Cannata – Designer, Level Designer
Graham Gilreath – Producer, Designer, Sound Designer
Christopher Klein – Designer, Environment Art
Kristen Lambert – Animation, Character Art
Eric Spevacek – Lead Programmer, Technical Art

Tetrapulse: The Amiable

video - Tetrapulse website - The Amiable website

Tetrapulse is a four player single screen co-op game where you and your friends join forces to battle a swarm of alien robo-bugs using the only weapon you have left: your own life-force. Every shot of your laser drains your health as you work together to protect the Heartstone, an ancient battery that powers you and your friends.

Press and Awards:
Tetrapulse was featured in Techweek Chicago!

The Amiable:
David Finseth - Producer, Art
David Laskey - Programming, Sound Design
Jorge Murillo - Design
Mark Nauta - Design, Programming
Ricky Roberson - Tech-Art, Programming
Peter Sheff - Art


The Looking Glass
video - download - Creatures of Mars website

Immerse yourself in a surreal Mirror Mansion. Utilize the many mirrors to traverse the twisted rooms found within. Perception isn't always reality.

Creatures of Mars:
Austen Cheng - Artist
Daniel Martinez - Producer, Designer
Steve Hoover - Programmer
Nick Fanelli - Designer

Conn Buranicz - Artist



Four invisible contestants choose to cooperate or compete to solve action puzzles without touching each other in a crazy gameshow!

Lithic Games:
Jed Harrison - Designer
Gautam Sriram - Programmer
Christina Rualo - Producer/Audio
Chris Wilson - Art



Two players Run, Jump, Throw and Fling each other to traverse a futuristic cityscape. Coordinate to collect the discs as fast as you can.

6 Link:
Gian Carlo Beltran - Design
Patrick Burns - Sound Design
Deandre Crenshaw - Art
Homer Denson - Art
Brad Garrett - Design
Antonio Gutierrez - Programmer