Mashboard Games - Inititial Brainstorm
Remember that game screen proportions will be congruent to the keyboard's proportions.

Rubbadub Games (games in which the player depresses every key at some point)

Frat-Man! - Frat-Man is an older, pudgier and paler version of Pac-Man. He's currently being hazed at a frat-party. He has to slam (or “waka waka” through) a table-full of shots (one for every key) before the alcohol kicks in and incapacitates him.

Burning Lotto Ticket - Entirely scratch-off a burning lotto ticket (entire screen) to see if you've won before it totally goes up in flames –at least you'll know if you were lucky.

Shave a Moustache - Entire keyboard must be rubbed to shave some guys moustache (hair grows back extremely fast). The hardware constraints provide the formal constraints of the game. The player must play to see how fast he can work the hardware.

Brushin' Teeth - (Similar to above) The entire keyboard is mapped onto a set of grimy and disgusting smiling teeth. Brush ‘em clean before the guy's lips close!

Smashboard Games

These games are delinquently fun because the players will tend to probably smash, or punch the keyboard, even though they really don't have to.

Smash Ghost - Screen is a window with ghosts far away on the other side. Ghosts take turns rushing at the screen and smashing against the screen where they squish against it for a quarter second before they run back. Player has to punch, more or less, the rough placement of keys to bounce the ghost back to limbo. If player misses a punch the screen gets another crack. If the screen shatters we're all doomed.

Smashface - The entire screen is a cartoon face, or perhaps image of own face via webcam. Players punch the keyboard to disfigure the face. Players can provide the image of the face (and the pixels become darker splotches of blue, brown, and black).

Dent My Car - Screen is a view of part of a car's hood on the side above the tire. Every key press adds a dent to that part of the car's image.

Momentum Games

Pong Inversion - Computer controls BOTH deflectors. Ball has initial momentum. Player affects momentum of ball by rubbing keyboard in direction she wishes to build ball momentum (imagine asteroids). Only colors in game are black and green.

GerbaLL - (Imagine a highly saccharinated game marketed to girls.) You control a gerbil in a plastic ball. You add momentum by making the gerbil walk the direction you rub. Top-down view of a vertical scroller, gerbil needs to avoid bubble gum while collecting tiny puffs of cotton candy to nibble on with his whiskery little face.

Tip thar' Ship! - Player controls a cannonball fired onto the deck of a small enemy ship. He must roll back and forth (while avoiding stocky pirates trying to block him) gaining momentum to Tip thar Ship!

One-Handed Games

PunchFace! - There are profiles of two faces on both ends of the screen. Here's a screen shot:

Player is on left, computer is on the right. Wherever there's contact on the keyboard that's where the player's fist is onscreen. You can block with the fist as well as punch. Damage is visible by the bruising of the face. The winner is when the other fighter calls out, “I want my momma…” This could be a two player game, where players position themselves on each side of the keyboard. Players look like a badly drawn Beavis and Butthead.

Car-Rev 3000 - Remember those cars you have to wind up by dragging them backwards? By rapidly dragging your car backwards (if you take too long between strokes the car will prematurely take off) you rev up a car to launch it over a cliff. There are four tracks (rows: 1,q,a,z) and you can pick which jump you want to try.

Oh Shitshuriken! - Shurikens fly straight at the screen out from the eyes of the floating head shuriken god, “Shitshuriken.” The player's finger on keyboard controls katana sword. For example, if a shuriken is flying at player about where the ‘w', 'e', 's', or ‘d' keys are, player must scrub totally across one of these keys (starting on one side and ending on the other side of it) at the right time to deflect the shuriken back at the god's head. After the player has deflected enough he can slash at the god. If he misses 5 times or so the great Shitshuriken laughs and all the shurikens in his face shoot at the player (the screen) at once killing the player.

Swinger Bat - (Catcher's view) As the pitcher throws the ball strum the keyboard to swing the bat (rub from left to right to swing).

The Wave - You control the team mascot (at bottom of screen) and inspire audience to do wave (don't go too fast as to lose them—don't go too slow as to lose the wave).

Electrocuting Dust Bunnies - (kind of like missile command) Player rubs the bottom half of the keyboard to build up static electricity. When a critical amount is reached he presses a key on the top of the key board to pick where the lightning will strike. If a hopping little scribbly dust bunny is in the vicinity, the poor little thing will get fried. If a dust bunny is alive and jumps to the bottom of the screen they inhibit the build up static electricity.

Pluckin' Up Sheep -Top down view of sheep walking in and out of view. When a sheep walks by player slaps his hand down on as many keys as possible around the sheep. Then player contracts fingers as he lifts up his hand. This results with his hand looking like a rosebud with his finger tips together touching the keyboard. Finally only one finger is touching and the player can drag the sheep to the ‘ESC' key to set them free into the wild.

Elbow Drivin' - Steer a car with your elbow rubbing across the keyboard! It's lame, but what the hell, so is work!

Two-Finger Games

Player places index finger from both hands on keyboard. Each finger controls an element in the game.

Tibetant Deity - One finger controls a magnifying glass that torches ants. The other finger controls the “eye of God” (which works just like the magnifying glass) that turns each ant burned carcass into a reborn flaming Tibetant Diety.

Bullet Time - Each finger controls a hand that catches bullets being fired at the screen.

Blowing Bubbles - Note: a microphone is needed for this game. Player places two fingers close together on the keyboard and blows into a microphone as he separates his fingers to blow a bubble. The player is trying to capture kitten-sprites that are wafting across the screen into the bubbles (where upon you hear the echo of kittens meowing and you power-up as the bubble collapses).

Lazer Geist - One finger is placed on the keyboard and a pulsing red light will collect around the finger. When a second finger is placed on the keyboard the Lazer Geist shoots from the first finger to the second finger destroying all geists between the two. Power-ups can be collected the same way the increases the power (the width) and decreases the power-up time of the Lazer-Geist.

Penguin Breath - Top-down view of Penguins swimming under ice. When they stop swimming and start panicking you have to burn a hole through the ice for them to breathe. The distance between two fingers controls the cone-width of the beam of a heat lamp. The location of the two fingers controls the placement of the heat lamp's beam. The smaller the cone the hotter the beam. The larger the beam the more penguins will be able to breathe through the hole and swim off.

Sewing Wormholes - Each of the two fingers on the keyboard connects to form a very relative and special ‘wormhole filling'. Suture the wormholes faster than they appear and tear or you'll destroy several universes.

Two-Handed Games

Player places each hand on either side of keyboard waiting to scrub across it with either hand.

Bitch-Slap the Devil! - Facing the devil (cowboy shot, his arms are at his sides), if you see him about to hit you on your right side, (to block it) you rub the keyboard from left to right with your left hand (same but reversed if he's swinging from your left side). When you feel the urge you can try to slap him, but be Damn quick.

Rama Bama! - Only four rows of the key board are used (rows: 1,q,a,z). As rams run at you from either end in a row, you must run a ram into it from the opposite direction. To knock him out you'll need enough speed, or you'll get the old “Rama Bama!” (SFX of kids screaming it) and the screen will shake.

You Suck! Get off the Stage! - The screen is a red stage curtain (you're trying to get off a stage). You rub the keyboard from left to right (and right to left) at different places trying to find the division between curtains so you can get off the stage before you have a nervous breakdown.

Grokking the Dolphin - Dolphins swim across rows (1,q,a,z) you only see their fins. Where your finger is on the keyboard there's a corresponding hand in the videogame. As dolphins swim across you try to hold onto their fin to absorb some of that dolphin magic.

Momentum Miracle - With two hands placed together in the center of the key board the player desperately parts them to the sides of the keyboard and then quickly replaces her hands in the center and repeats the action. She's tying to increase the “Momentum of the Miracle” (parting the Red Sea).

Bury the Baby - The opposite of the above game. You try to cover a cute wiggling baby with handfuls of pink feathers gathered from either side of the screen. If you go too slow the baby wiggles free -brushing off all the feathers. The more the baby is buried, the more it giggles. There is no score to this game; the reward is simply the cute sight and sound of a feather-buried giggling baby.

Catch ‘n' Noogy - Top-down view of sidewalk. Bald-headed guys are rushing across the screen. The player has to pin a head down by pressing the corresponding key. With his other hand he rubs the keys around that key to give the guy a noogy.

Swimbo - Be a Baywatch-type bimbo or hunko and save the drowning person before they're fish food. Player places each hand by the F-Keys on the keyboard. Player swims by alternatingly pulling each hand down across the keys one at a time. The player can steer a little bit to avoid obstacles.

Keystroke-sutra (sensual games)

Kitty Pet-Pet 2.0 - (Kitty Pet-Pet 1.0 has already been released) Screen is top-down view of cat lying on its back (its unobstructed belly takes up most of the screen). Player is trying to get the cat to reach ecstasy by petting the cat while avoiding annoying the cat. There is an ecstasy meter that measures the level of cat-pleasure. If the player strokes around for a continuous second the cat starts to purr (ecstasy meter goes up). The longer the player pets the stronger the purr gets (the more quickly the ecstasy meter goes up). At a certain point however, if the player pets for too long the cat will STRIKE bite and scratch at the player (drastically reducing the level of ecstasy in the cat). If at any time the player stops petting the ecstasy meter will go down.

Massage Britney Spears's (or Bill Clinton's) Back! - Screen is top-down view of Britney lying on her stomach… alright fine. It's the same game as Kitty Pet-Pet 2.0 (see above) except with different sound effects and graphics. Possibly players could upload their own “back” graphic.

Massachop - Screen is top-down view of someone lying on their stomach. You are a visionary masseur—you see pain as undulating yellow areas. You must karate chop the keyboard to break them up before they multiply and the client screams in pain.

Wizard Oz-ing the Tongue - Top down view of tongue. Since taste is really a combination of four different senses (bitter, sweet, sour and salty) on the tongue the keyboard is broken up into four concordant zones. Each zone has a meter. As an icon of food appears in the imagination bubble of the tongue the player has to rub each zone to build up to the right compositional taste levels to simulate that food's taste. If he achieves it before the image of the fantasy taste fades the tongue gushes with an orgasmic rush of saliva.

Scratch ‘n' Sniff: Strawberry Therapy - Keyboard is mapped to 8 scratch ‘n' sniff stickers. Rub them in certain combinations to make a group of sad people happy. Each person has their own secret combination you have to discover!

Pattern Matching Games

Exorpression - A replica (template) of the keyboard is represented on screen (without the characters on the buttons). Clusters of keys are possessed (like Tetris shapes) the player must replicate the same configuration using fingers from both hands, etc., to “exorcise the demon.” As more and more of the keyboard becomes possessed, the faster the player must pattern match. If the keyboard becomes totally possessed the screens cracks in a surprising, unexpectedly brutally gory graphic and loud scream.

Snowflake Collector - A little like above game (except in isometric view). Player must open key portals (holding key clusters down probably a little awkwardly with both hands, kind of like Twister) exactly to match falling snowflakes into them. This would be best made as an isometrically displayed game, but one that could be faked like Double Dragon.

Key Commander - (based on classic Missile Command except on entire keyboard) When an incoming missile hits the keyboard it may destroy anywhere from 1-9 nearby keys (after which you can't fire from them). When player fires a missile it can destroy missiles nearby in space (so even if an incoming missile is targeted on ‘e', and you don't have ‘e', ‘d', ‘f', or ‘r', you could fire ‘s', ‘w', ‘2', ‘3', or ‘4' to destroy it.

Whackoki - Basically whack-a-mole on the keyboard. Could be used with the key characters and be a game to learn typing skills.

Tmesis - Like the scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind where they have to match the patterns of lights and sounds coming from the space ship. Patterns flicker across the keyboard representation on the screen and you have to replicate it on the keyboard.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Mashed Potato Matching – Rub areas of keys toward the center of their cluster to build up potato volcanoes. You have to build them up where shadows are forming. The shadow is your own descending face. You're hungry and want your beloved potato volcanoes.

Strategy Games

Battlestroke - (basically Battleship on the keyboard) Player plays against computer or another player on the network. Before the game begins, player chooses where to place (hide) all his ships on the keyboard. Same rules as classic Battleship.