Chromism VR

Chromism is a color experience VR game taking the player through a world of different colors and sights. The player has control over color grading to give an even stronger and more unique experience to gameplay.

Assignment #1 – Vikram Bhaduri

I’ve had to post this a little late since I’ve had some problems playing VR games on my own time. As someone who hasn’t played a lot of virtual reality games I took my time with the vive and the oculus to explore other applications of Virtual Reality.

  1. The Lab (Valve) – This game is comprised of several mini games with differing levels of interactions. There were several ‘games’ whose only objective was to interact with virtual objects in a certain succession. One of my favorite mini games in The Lab was a replica of ‘Space Invaders’, where instead the controller became the ship, forcing the player (me) to move around in physical space to dodge enemies. This is one mechanic that is completely new to me, where the controllers that the player holds actually becomes a visible point of interaction within the game.
  2. Accounting – After watching this game in class I just had to play it. It was even more hilarious playing it in a room with other people. I was actually somewhat taken aback when I had to murder the blob king dude, while the whole scenario was played comedically, I actually felt pretty traumatized having to repeatedly stab this blob. I can’t even imagine what it would be like having to do the same thing to a realistic humanoid model with good sound design. Also, the games ending, where the player has to shoot themselves to end the game was also more unnerving then I expected.
  3. DCS Flight Simulator – The next game I played seemed like a fairly crude port since I was forced to use a mouse and keyboard for interaction. Still when I crashed a plane, the inertia from going from several hundred miles an hour to zero was overwhelming.
  4. Lucid Trips – I actually wish that I could just sit and have the game fly me through space. However, the game proved to be a lot of fun though, the visuals  were best described as ‘comfortable’.
  5. Tilt Brush – I actually bought this because this was the first demo I tried on the HTC Vive. The thing that stands out to me the most is how the user interface works with the two controllers. It felt like the most ‘new’ thing I’ve used since the first iPhone. Aside from games, Virtual Reality will stand to change the fields of UI/UX forever and I’m excited to see how games take queues from more focused applications like tilt brush.

Undeveloped Ideas:

  1. Player is a signal and has to travel to a tower and a phone without losing any packets.
  2. Woodpecker Simulator
  3. Manipulate a blob with your head.
  4. Sticky Head, goal is to get stuck object off the users head,
  5. Firefighter simulator but your mouth is a noise activated hose.
  6. VR to 3D Printer, create 3D models fo reprint by a 3D Printer.
  7. Crime Scene Simulator
  8. ‘The Pull’ Virtual Reality Film Simulator
  9. Horror Film Sim

Lucas Pedersen Assignment 1


I only had the chance to play 5 games, but I learned a lot from them.

  1.  Accounting:

The first game I player was accounting.  It blew me away with how immersive it was without being over the top and just using world building.  The fact that you the world goes on without you (the characters talking) while you make your decisions is a nice touch, and being able to interact with everything around you really helps it feel like true VR.

2.  Chocolate:

If Accounting is the perfect game to get people into VR, Chocolate is the one you show them to keep them hooked.  The game is jam packed with insane visuals and “gameplay” that never seems to get old and always leads into the next section.  It’s more of a music video experience than a game, but it uses VR to the best of it’s abilities.  A nice and trippy experience.

3.  Lucid Trips:

I’m torn about this game.  On one hand, the movement and overall impressiveness is impressive.  On the other hand, it always feels like a basic collection game with not as much substance.  It could’ve been a lot more, but still is pretty good.

4.  SuperHot:

This game seems like it was destined to always be in VR.  The time stopping mechanics work amazingly with VR as you can scan your surroundings before making a decision.   At the same time, the quick pace of the game can be disorienting, but in a good way.

5.  Tilt Brush:

Probably my pick for the best actual use of VR.  The game is just painting.  However, you can paint whatever your heart desires and anywhere it desires.  It feels amazing and is really something I hadn’t experienced before with any kind of games.



  1. Rat Simulator:  Navigate through various sewers and other disgusting terrains in order to make it back to your hole.
  2. Be the Ball:  A take on a previous game idea, you control a projectile and have to hit the goal.
  3. Follow the Leader: A simple game where you have to mimic the poses that the virtual teacher makes.
  4. Skydiver: Play as a skydiver and avoid obstacles on your way down.
  5. Closed: Make your way through a maze, but you can only move when your eyes are closed.
  6. Space Battle: Man a giant spaceship and run around, controlling it.
  7. Club 1: A mean bouncer won’t let you in, so you have to sneak past him.
  8. Sword Fighter: A simple wave based game where you use a sword and shield to clear enemies.
  9. Pangea: Control the continents as they split apart and mold the world as you see fit.
  10. Escape: A mystery game where you have to escape from a room before “it” finds you.

Bojian Liu_Assignment 1

HTC VIVE VR Game Experience

1.Accounting:  you as a accountant in the first place. in game you can play with anything you see. it is good for first time VR player. I like transition part. hope those different world have good story to connect.

2.Blarp!: it is a really cool way to see in VR.  it’s kind of like grab lots of ball to hit something. the color effect is the most fantastic part in game.  game itself need more content.

3.Job Simulator: it is a VR experience game. you as worker play with everything in your screen.  I like play game  and cook stuff in VR game.  try more different interaction will make better.

4.Unseen Diplomacy: cool idea game, being a agent is nervous and excited.  let you try something you never do this before. make laser and other stuff more realistic will help a lot.

5.Fantastic Contraption: it is creative game, but I do not like this style. not my type. But create something is great part in game. giving more different style for player would make it better.

6.Tilt Brush: the best hand drawing game that I have seen. really amazing and fantastic. if there is a way to share what you created to your friend, that would make it better. like screenshot or tiny video.

7.Thunderbird VR: its great VR experience game. but the screen is too dark. you only can see what in your front. try to make more different place and make it bright.

8.Google Earth VR: You can see anywhere in the world in game.  even you can find you own house. But you can not zoom in your house very clear.  if it can zoom in to see the street, that would be cool.

9.The lab: the most interesting VR game I have seen. a lot of different game in lab you can experience. the secret shop and horde game are my favorite two game. Just add more game to play.

10.Budge Cuts:  game is interesting but not my type. try to make more different model in game will help a lot.  and also improve control way.



Game Idea

1.Cross Circle: you as player in first person perspective on the top of mountain, jump out of mountain with parachute fly in the air. there are lots of continuous circle in the air that you need to cross it through the center. using motion controller  to control the direction.

2. LEGO:  in a fiction world, you can play LEGO stuff and do whatever you want. try to make you own LEGO craft in VR world. motion controller imitate hand to make something new.

3. Hunter: You as a hunter in fiction world, try different weapon and hunter you prey, such as, bow, claymore, katana and so on.  for bow, one motion controller focus on bow, and other one focus on arrow.

4. Clay: You as a artist to make clay craft by first person perspective. different type of clay you can choose to make production.

5.Cook:  You as a chef in the kitchen, you need to handle everything comes out to your own restaurant. player should have ability to solve different problem at same time.

6.Chemistry Experiment:  You as a student learning chemistry class, mix whatever you want but you make sure it is safe. try to finish the work that teacher given to you.

7.Spider man:  You as a spider man to experience how spider man life is. what is the feeling about fly in the city and in the air. how to climb on the city wall.

8.Rhythm Master: you will need to hit different button to get point with the music that you choose. different type music have different rhythm to finish.

9.Baby Sitter:  you as a baby sitter to take care of your child. child will has different interaction that you need to deal with. try to grow you child up by using different item and make him happy.

10. Lottery: Buy lottery in 711, and enjoy the part of scratch ticket. different lottery have different scratch way to see.


Experiences of VR GAMES.
CHOCOLATE- Game was very confusing. Didn’t real no much of what I was supposed to do in order to reach a goal, but still very enjoyable. The game itself is very pretty but doesn’t make for much player experience.

Thunderbird- Very cool game as far as players experience. The game itself is a very challenging puzzle. I thing that overall the gameplay isn’t very intense but rather creative.

Superhot: This game was actually really cool in my eyes. It was cool to cut through objects coming right at you. The objects obviously came directly at your face so I thought that’s something that is common in VR but still really cool. My favorite part were cutting through people and bullets…. very cool.

Job Simulator- Now this game I liked, but the I thought the gameplay was very distracting and confusing. Not really much the player has options to do.


Tilt Brush- This game is very cool. Very bright colors, very interactive and overall gameplay lets player explore their creative side. The effects of the colors in the game I feel are what makes the game set aside from others.

Lucid Trips- This game is very cool and interactive. I felt like I was floating the entire time though. The game is obviously not as bright as many other games, but the gameplay is very cool. You see things in the background that are very strange and intriguing.

Wind lands- Only reason I liked this game was because I felt like Spider-Man from all of the swinging. I think it has good gameplay but lacks much needed detail to like the scenes around. Can be improved but still a very fun game.

Blarp- When I first started playing I couldn’t really tell what the objective of the game was. Where to put the little eyes things, how they interacted, etc. For $3 it’s a cool experience but not that challenging of a game. Guess that’s what I expected out of it.

Budget cuts- I felt like a real life spy the entire time. The sneakiness of the player is really key to having a fun gaming experience. It’s cool and actually funny to have to kill, throw knives ,and eventually fight the robots.


Ideas for VR GAMES

VR IDEA 1- Dodging all sorts of obstacles coming towards player.
VR IDEA 2- Cooking before the clock expires in the kitchen.
VR IDEA 3- Animal in the circus, trying to perform.
VR IDEA 4- Dog chasing the car while trying to dodge oncoming obstacles.
VR IDEA 5- Minor trying to climb out of fallen temple.
VR IDEA 6- Running away from animal/police.
VR IDEA 7- collecting and planting seeds to grow trees.
VR IDEA 8- Train ride. Trying to catch the train.
VR IDEA 9- Having players evacuate a burning building.

VR games #1

I played several games on a couple VR platforms:
1. Alien: Isolation vr beta (dk2):
While this game wasn’t exactly designed for VR, vr mode has been available under one of the beta options in steam since launch. While the high action sequences don’t translate particularly well due to framerate issues and other issues generally seen in VR ports, most of the horror elements work well.
In VR, peering around corners and averting stealthily feels incredibly good, but the flickering and or dimmed lighting is more irritating than spooky when wearing a screen on your face.

2. Paint vr (gear)
This is less a game and more a toy, but it’s satisfying. It kind of feels like painting with a brush in your mouth or on your forehead. Definitely fun to mess around with, but the novelty gets in the way more often than feeling enjoyable.

3. Proton pulse (gear)
Breakout vr basically. This game works really well in my opinion. Aside from the cool space, the simplicity and familiarity of the game makes this a really good experience. It also feels kind of rare to get a direct game experience in VR for some reason.

4. Oculus Arcade (dk2)
While the presence felt in the space does feel somewhat like an arcade, it’s very superficial. The room you enter is unpopulated and quiet. I get that they wanted the player to be immersed in the games they have available, but part of the arcade experience is the smelly sweaty people you bump elbows with while playing, or the thrill of challenging someone at a fighting game. This experience would have been much better if more focus went into the arcade space instead of just being a hub to play old ports with a controller. What’s the point of looking around when there’s not much there.

5. Dreadhalls(dk2)
This game has seen a lot of work since the earlier builds for the dk1, there’s even a gear version now. The game itself is interesting, the procedural generation makes exploration more the goal than survival however and the game ends up feeling a little more shallow for it since it Misses out on well crafted scares instead offering an experience that feels a little more out of the can.

6. Keep talking and nobody Explodes (psvr)
First off the psvr is great. That out of the way, despite how good this game is, I’m not much of a fan. I’m not particularly good at closely following verbal directions to begin with so the game ends up feeling more frustrating to me than fun or suspenseful. I still recommend it.

7 batman vr (psvr)
What is it with batman games and critics drooling about “feeling like batman”? To be frank i never felt like batman in this experience despite the quality of the experience. And once you get to The batcave it is very very nice to gawk at but i didn’t feel as if i belonged in the space. I think this has now to do with the tutorial feel of much of the game.

8 windlands (dk2)
While i imagine the vive edition is much much more engaging, the old dev kit version of the game is still quite fun. It requires a gamepad, so it has some of those funky camera control issues, but the feel of springing into the air is really good.

9 AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome (dk2)
This game is pretty much the same in vr as on pc regularly. The shame is that the keyboard Controls are really easy to lose in vr. Also, playing too long gives an odd sense of vertigo after taking it off. It’s easy to get used to falling i guess.

10. Ultimate Booster (dk2)
This is a short but sweet and effective experience. The way they use sound actually helps simulate some inner ear movement too. There were times i actually felt like i was experiencing some Gs. The end really works too, since it plays on the basic fears most people experience in real rollercoasters.



Interact with a bunch of pleasant objects and experience their sounds and sensation in a laid back relaxation experience.

2. Synaesthesia VR
Emulate seeing sounds using visualizers or shaders.

3. Skydeck VR
Climb a skyscraper and stare down at the traffic on the streets below. Just don’t break the fragile glass…

4. Dentist VR
you’re stuck in the Devils dentists office and you’ve got to sit still while he pulls your teeth one by one. No anaesthesia.

5. Space station
repair the ISS before it blows up and crashes into Earth. Zero G! Fiddly controls!

6. Dine and Dash
Lean your face into your plate and eat your food and try to escape without paying. Keep an eye out for waiters and security.

7. Prostitution Simulator
Turn tricks while keeping an eye out for undercover cops or cheap clients

8. Blowjob simulator/bobbing for apples
You get the idea. Bob for apples in game, looks like something else out of game

9. Hammerhead
You’re a construction worker, build a house using only your hammerhead helmet

10. Spacedragon
Ride a cosmic spectral drahon through the stars. 100% cliche pulp and it knows it.

Alec Scott – VR Experience

VR Job Simulator: I found myself easily distracted with most of the tasks. I mostly rather just go around making copies of my hand in the copy machine.
VR Drunk or Dead: This one was a lot of fun. I had a nice experience trying to drink and shot at the same time. However, drinking and shooting i found myself spinning a lot and getting dizzy. Shooting a drinking is fun but it’s just one of those things you shouldn’t do in real life.
VR Superhot: I played the not VR version but it was really cool to slo mo dodge bullets and slashes from swords. A bit of a pain because of aiming in slo mo is different than just standard shooters. Throwing felt good with the different object. I liked the sword the most because you could cut bullets.
VR Chocolate:  I kind of just stood there not knowing what to do. Things just happened and I felt like accepting it was the best case senario. It’s basically a music video and you’re center stage.

VR Thunderbird: Game doesn’t really give a lot of hints on what to do next, but it’s your basic puzzle solving game. Things seemed to progress pretty slowly after I finished a puzzle, and I never really knew what was coming next.
VR Don’t Let Go Desert Version: I don’t like horror games and the music put in made it seem like there’s going to be a jump scare any second. But it was super uneventful and anti-climactic, the ‘plot points’ didn’t really seem to have anything to do with each other, like the scorpion being eaten by the eagle and the giant worm thing showing up after the UFO.
VR Diner Duo: It was fun to coordinate with my friend, it made us have to communicate as the levels got more complicated and sped up. It was like any other diner/restaurant game that I’ve played, except instead of both cooking and delivering the food you have to work together to run the restaurant with somebody actually doing the cooking movements in VR.
VR Emily Wants to Play: Hated this game. I don’t know why I played it in the first place, because I hate horror stuff. The lighting was freaky, and the game is weighted against you because there’s different enemies you have to go against, and if you stare at one to keep it in place another one can run up at you from a different direction.
VR Keep Talking, Nobody Explodes: A lot of yelling comes from this game, but the good kind of yelling. Just when you think you’re being clear enough the whole thing becomes a disaster, because the way you’re explaining doesn’t make sense or somebody wasn’t listening carefully enough. Good team game.
VR Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality: The game is as goofy as the show. It reminds me of those theme park rides that are based on cartoons, like the Simpsons ride, because it’s a lot different ot be in the world of the show compared to just watching it. It was easy to know what to do next because Rick gave a lot of direction, but there was still a lot of experimentation you could do with the tons of objects in the game.

Clayton Hoye – Assignment #1

Games Played:

  1. Rilix Coaster: Great use of sound as the coaster moves along. The inertia and weight of the coaster feels real to actually make my stomach feel as if I’m really on a rollercoaster.  I’ve tried other random rollercoaster experiences, but this one is by far the best.(
  2. Smash Hit: Really makes you feel like you actually want to evade the glass, there is more of an urgency than if the game were not VR. Controls are simple and natural despite Gear VR limitations.(
  3. Land’s End: Amazing puzzles that make use of head tracking, but it can feel a little too on rails at times. Overall one of the more complete experiences I found. Sound design is also very well done and you feel as if you are flying as you complete puzzles.(
  4. Elite: Dangerous: I played this also using a flight stick and throttle, so the immersion level was extremely high. It takes advantage of the stationary nature of the rift by putting the player in the cockpit of a spaceship, it is not as abstract as other VR experiences.(
  5. Eve: Gunjack: Almost like a dumbed down arcadey version if Elite, but it’s still fun in it’s own right. Lots of explosions and fast head movements needed, which can get a little exhausting on the neck when whipping your head around to aim and shoot.(
  6. Job Simulator: Hilarious game that relies a lot on writing, but it also takes advantage of being VR and immersive because the sound design used makes it seem as if the game is trying to annoy you to the point where you want to complete the level super fast, or make you laugh to the point where you want to spend as much time as you can in each level. (
  7. Minecraft VR: It’s essentially just minecraft except you’re viewing it in a VR headset. It’s cool to see your creations through a more immersive display, but it doesn’t really take advantage of everything VR has to offer.
  8. Chocolate: short and sweet experience that really makes you feel like you were a part of the world in front of you, and you just feel good after playing around with it.
  9. Ocean Rift: Basically a virtual scuba diving simulator, the scope does feel a bit small in some areas of the game due to view distance being pretty short, but it is still a lot of fun to swim around with the virtual animals. (
  10. The Body VR: Something a little different as it is educational, but I really like the use of space in the game because it feels very similar in motion to the Rilix Coaster experience I played with. It also is an interesting step in uses for VR outside of entertainment.(


  1. Fishbowl: Vive game where you are holding a small box that gets more complex/ differently shaped as you advance to different levels. The box is a fish tank that is slowly beginning to leak from various spots more and more quickly. The idea is that the player rotates the box and plugs up the holes as fast as they can to save the fish people inside of each box. 3 short levels or one depending on time constraints. This focuses a lot more on hand movement and rotation than moving around, but a way to make the player move around could be a larger box that the player can’t lift, but has to walk around and plug the holes on the sides.
  2. Push: Rift game that turns the player into a telekinetic being who is able to lock onto objects and throw them into others. It’s a physics based toy, with features like giant bowling pins to knock over, holes in a wall that can be filled with different shapes. Gives the player superpowers, obviously not something possible in reality.
  3. What Killed the Dinosaurs?: Rift game where the player is a meteorite that will go wherever the player looks. The player can smash through planets, asteroids, and other space objects to blow them to pieces. Strange creatures from planets will float and look upon the player with disappointment for destroying their home worlds. This takes a more wacky route, but it certainly is a nonhuman experience as the player takes on the role of a meteorite.
  4. Bloop: Rift game where the user is presented with a blob of a viscous fluid that is controlled through head movements, but has a set center that doesn’t move. If the player looks up, the blob will stretch up, and if the player looks down, it will stretch down, etc. The idea is that the player is trying to join the blob with other blobs, increasing the range of the blob’s reach until it becomes a super blob.
  5. Life is like a Box of Chocolates: A Vive game in similar vein to my Fishbowl idea, except the player is lying inside of a large coffin that they can roll around in(the size of the Vive play area). The coffin is slowly being filled with water through leaks that are being sprung, and the player must roll around and fill them with their hands.
  6. From Nothing: Rift game where the player simply looks at different objects in a decreasingly empty space that turns into a solar system of several planets, planets growing as the player looks at them. The larger a planet gets, the more it will draw smaller planets into it’s orbit. It is somewhat of a god game, where the player is creating a small world.
  7. Purifier: Rift experience where the player is a white blood cell that moves along a blood vessel to the player’s head movements, destroying bad bacteria and strange viruses along the way.
  8. Stink: The player’s head will control the direction of a little pink blob that represents good smells, and when it hits green blobs that represent bad smells, the green blobs will start a chain reaction to turn pink and join the player controller in a cluster that gets larger and larger.
  9. Ding Ding Ding:  A short rhythm game for Rift where a giant ethereal space head is staring right at the player, and the player is supposed to mimic it’s movements with their head. Each time the player completes a sequence, the head cheers and there is a space light show that occurs.
  10. Instant Message: A short on rails experience where the player is a text message being sent from a phone, to a satellite, to another phone. The player’s head tilts in order to dodger corruptions in space time that would block the message.