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The Urbz: Sims in the City - Character Animations

Character animations made at Maxis/Electronic Arts for The Urbz: Sims in the City.


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Urbz:Sims in the City - Graphics

Menu and in-world graphics distributed throughout the game and used in cut-scenes.

click thumbnails for gallery: Jayde thumbnailJaydeDariusDariuslittle punk
Bunny the Humblebug Tako, the mentor in Kotodama: The Power of Words
Jimmy, the hero of Kotodama: The Power of Words Gleemu is his own terror
Kinku, a chihuahua in sheep's clothing

Character Models

3D characters for videogames, augmented reality, and education software.
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Tiger Bear Icon Fish Face Ufo Icon << fishface has a video
salmon icon for iphone game Mosey and Manita loving looking Ant  

Advanced Materials CoverAdvanced Materials illustration of nanocob
Zephyr Thin
Hurricane Thin
Asteroids Thin
Junkyard Thin

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Environments and Illustrations

3D environments and illustrations for journals, such as Advanced Materials. Most textures are procedurally generated rather than imported.


Character Animation Studies

Characters used in various game and film projects conveying a range of emotions.


Motion Studies

A study of the mechanics of walk-cycle animations across body-types and emotions.