Principles of Visual Design: Resources


Recommended Instructional Books:

WARNING: It's recommended that you examine the many options of instructional texts uncited here and then select each according to your own preferences

__Photoshop CS3 for Windows and Macintosh
Weinmann__ISBN 0321473795

__Illustrator CS3 for Windows and Macintosh
Weinmann__ISBN 0321510453

__Dreamweaver CS3: The Missing Manual
__McFarland__ISBN 0596510438

__Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers
__Green__ISBN 159059861X

__Foundation Flash Cartoon Animation
__Jones__ISBN 1590599128

Suggested Books:

__Logos Redesigned: How 200 Companies Successfully Changed Their Image
__Carter__ISBN 0060748052

__Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed
__Nielsen__ISBN 073571102X

__Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative
__Tufte__ISBN 0961392126

Photoshop Tutorials


__Big Searchable Database of Tutorials Recommended for all
__Keyboard Shortcuts


__Brief Introduction to the Menu and Interface
__Another Brief Introduction to the Menu and Interface
__Beginner-Intermediate Tutorials


__Database of High-Quality Tutorials
__Database of Tutorials
__Database of Tutorials

Dreamweaver Tutorials:

__Dreamweaver MX Tutorials (PDF format)


Online Design Communities:

__The Best (and Biggest) Digital Artist Community Online
__The work and critiques on this site are of outstanding quality.
__Post work here for harsh yet useful critiques.

__Photoshop-Centric Digital Artist Community Online
__Recommended for all to post your work for a critique.


Reverse Image Search:

__If you have an image and want to find similar images, or to know more about it, use:

Image Database:

__Huge Searchable Database of High-Quality Images


Color Palettes:

__Color Palette Generator

Web Color:

__Automatic Hex Decoder

__The 216-Color Webmaster's Palette

__Webmaster's Color Lab


Sound Database:

__Huge Searchable Database of High-Quality Sounds



__Thumbnail Composition Template (JPEG format)

__Thumbnail Composition Template (Photoshop format)

Typefaces and Fonts:

__Periodic Table of Typefaces

__Free Font Archive
__To Install Downloaded Font in Windows:
____1) Take the downloaded font out of the ZIP archive
____2) Put it in the Start Menu>Control Panel>Fonts Folder.
____3) The next time you run software like Photoshop or Illustrator the font will be available.

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