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Game Design and Production Capstone - Spring 2017


Overview of Milestones

MILESTONE 1: Reality Check Report (week 1) (due 4/4)

  • Teams write a reality check report: how they should their game design and production plans be modified?

MILESTONE 2: Present Plans for Beta Build (week 2) (due 4/11)

  • Teams briefly present current state of game
  • Teams present plan for final Beta Build and solicit feedback/criticism from class
  • Define vision for outputs by various team members: What exactly will get done in terms of level design, programming, art, sound, and UI?

MILESTONE 3: Level Development Sequence (weeks 2-4) (due 4/25)
(Minimum 3 rounds; 1 round with outside experts

  • Level prototype sequence (digital)
  • Prototype playtesting feedback reports (minimum 3)
  • Another technology test/tech demo (if appropriate)
  • Another reality check—what needs to get cut from game?

MILESTONE 4: Final Sprint Plan (by week 7) (due 5/2)

  • Teams present current state of game and solicit feedback/criticism from class
  • List and prioritize all tasks, features, and content of the game that still need to get done

MILESTONE 5: Polished Art, UI and Audio Slice Demos (weeks 5-7) (5/16)

  • Polished UI (such as score, health bar, etc.)
  • Polished start, instruction, level end, and replay, screens
  • Polished vertical slice of final art in game level
  • Final game audio demo

MILESTONE 6: Beta Build (by week 10) (due 5/30)

  • Screencapture/video documenting one minute of awesome gameplay

MILESTONE 7: Public Showcase Event (week 11) (due 6/9)

  • Public Showcase(family, friends, all students invited)
  • set up from 3-6pm
  • actual showcase 6:30-8:30pm

MILESTONE 8: Private Industry Showcase Event (week 12) (due 6/16)

  • Private Showcase (only industry professionals, capstone students, and DePaul faculty invited)
  • set up from 3-6pm
  • actual showcase 6:30-8:30pm

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